Doors REIVILO creates symbolize our idea of design which is to make something that is beautiful as well as functional. REIVILO is in a constant search to develop new materials, new technology and new combinations to create perfect harmony between function, form and structure. Every door and accessory is manufactured with special care to emphasise. accentuate and blend in with your living space that certain unique style that your own.

Detail of the Premium Collection

The PREMIUM door is manufactured with a skeleton of re-inforcing MDF, covered with two MDF panels and finished with a wood laminate.This is a Polypropylene-based product which

ecological, recyclable, hard-wearing, impermeable, washable, does not tear, durable and does not fade in sunlight.The model LIBERTO is covered with two coats of white pre-paint.

The door frame is composed of wood laminate and reinforced with MDF. covered with wood-style polypropylene which co-ordinates with each door decorations. There are three different solutions to fit partitions of 50 to 100 mm.There is an extension of frame for wall over100 mm. Each lining can be adjusted for accurate fitting. Door frame of model LIBERTO is covered with two coats of white pre-paint.

Hardware and door furniture. In the PREMIUM collection, the door aesthetics are all important and so the technical parts simply disappear. Every door is equipped with invisible hinges which have three-dimentional adjustments allowing a perfectly fit. The lock is composed of a latch with a composite tip, metal and teflon, which ensure that the door closes silently. The model LIBERTO is equipped with a magnetic lock.

The door lining has a pre-installed, all-round joint which ensures a better acoustic and thermal insulation. This also ensures that the door closes easily and smoothly.

The PREMIUM door is always installed on a completed site where walls are finished.This ensuresThe door and lining are fully reversible with left, or right-hand opening.The direction of the door opening can be decided upon installation and can be modified according to any changes that may do you make to your lay-out and/or fixtures and fittings.

Packaging: The door is film-wrapped with protective corner pieces. It is then packed in a cardboard box for optimum protection. The door linings are film-wrapped and are packed together with any metal parts, latche, invisible hinges, screws,....These are then packed in a cardboard box for optimum protection.

PREMIUM fittings for a sliding door system. REIVILO has two types of fittings for sliding doors :
Fitting for a sliding door fitted externally to a wall. The door slides along the outside of a wall. The fitting, which is available in all five PREMIUM decor styles, is designed to conceal the sliding mechanism fixed on the wall.
Fitting for a sliding door which is fitted inside a wall. The door slides into the wall. The fitting is available in all five PREMIUM decor styles. It has been designed to be fixed to each side of the wall closure and to be fixed near the closure. This results in a finish identical to that of the door lining of a normal «closing» door.

REIVILO supplies the rail, with shock absorber before and back. REIVILO does not supply the box for sliding door with partition.

Axis system SIMPLY with intagrared automatic door closers, available on all PREMIUM collection. It including a vertical seal on axis side. A magnetic lock is optional. REIVILO does not manufacture sliding door systems.

Upon request, we can supply the following : 

  • A lockable, magnetic latch for toilets and bathrooms.
  • Thermal insulation coef Ud 1,22
  • Automatic security lock, it condemns the reversibility of the door.
  • A silicone brush fitted into an aluminium strip. Fixe
  • The bottom of the door can be cut to conform with VMC ‘this precludes the possibility of reversing the opening direction of the door- right-hand or left-hand). Preparation and cutting of sliding doors for the installation of the locking mechanism,tubular opening handles and slots for the installation of latches and locks. The cutting of slot on the under side of the door edge in preparation for any sliding door system.

Additionnal products

All products are produced according to french standards. Implemented at the end of construction site.
Suitable for new or renovation.
All products are reversible-right or left-handed.

Can be adapted for different size of partition 50 to 100 mm.
Screw with double threading for a fixation and a fast regulation.
Doors can be adjusted for height, for position horizontaly and vertically.
Doors can be re-cut to allow for the installation of mechanic ventilation.
Magnetic silent closing.
You can choose the type of door, the style and colour, the direction of opening right until the last minute. The products are delivred in France with 48 to 72 hours dependant upon the stock available.
This allows the site to can on working without urgent re-ordering and without sudden product alterations or the risk of theft.
Preparation of sliding door systems to match other doors.
Fittings for sliding doors are universal.
A finished product.
Resistant to scratches, washable, impermeable to water, does not fade in sunlight.
Model LIBERTO pre-painted to paint or to paper for an invisible effect.
Acrylic GLOSSY model white laquered effect for high rendering gloss.
Miro tall model for a more important result. 


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